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ArenaNet Bans 4,000 Players Over Typo
By Robert Basler on 2012-08-30 22:14:19
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I've been following the launch of Guild Wars 2 with some interest. I've played the original Guild Wars quite a bit, and have been seriously considering picking up Guild Wars 2. But not anymore. At least until they work the bugs out.

When I read the reddit thread where people could ask ArenaNet Customer Service the reason they got an account suspension, that was pretty funny - even though the language is pretty colourful.

But today ArenaNet went too far. An in-game vendor was offering one particularly good item for significantly below market value. Apparently a mistake on ArenaNet's part, (given that everything that vendor was selling cost exactly 21 Karma.) Some players bought this item from the in-game merchant. The result, from

We permanently banned 3,000 accounts of players who substantially exploited it, and applied 72-hours bans to another 1,000 accounts of players who mildly exploited it.

People bought items from an in-game vendor and got a permanent ban from their brand new $60 game for it? I'm sorry ArenaNet, that's just wrong. I don't care how many times they did it.

If it was going to mess up the economy, then roll it back, but you can't call buying something from a vendor an Exploit and punish people for it. Take some responsibility for your mistake.

I suspect someone at ArenaNet realized that they'd made a public relations gaffe banning all those players, because they have relented. They're still not taking any responsibility, but if banned players go through customer service and beg for their account back and then delete anything they got from the vendor, then ArenaNet will let them keep their account. You can read the announcement here.

By Dan Hulton on 2012-08-31 06:45:06
Homepage: email:dan at danhulton dot com
Long ago, a brave little company called Turbine attempted the "bugs are our fault, we will never ban you for them" approach. It was brave. It was heartwarming. It was also foolish as hell.

When exploiting a bug was a-okay, the culture in the game became one of abusing bugs like mad. If you weren't exploiting, you weren't playing the game right. And worse, the economy was absolutely destroyed in a few key instances.

Eventually, even Turbine had to take a hard-line stance on exploits.

ArenaNet is taking an incredibly hard-line stance here right out of the game, which sure, is upsetting. But long-term, it's going to be for the good of the game. They're also taking a hard-line stance of offensive names and chat (72-hour ban for being a jerk, basically). Again, crazy hard-line, but I think that setting out very clearly at launch what they consider to be acceptable behaviour is going to be a long-term net win.

As far as folks who got perma-bans, they were probably doing FAR more than just "buying things from a vendor". Kripparian "mildly exploited" this same bug live on a stream and got a 72-hour suspension. If even that didn't warrant a full ban, how much farther did those people who did get banned have to go? Pretty darn far, I warrant.
By Robert Basler on 2012-09-01 12:42:00
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What I read about this said that the only difference between 3 day and permaban was the number of times they bought from the vendor, with an original post (later deleted) saying that the breakover number was 60.
By Robert Basler on 2012-09-14 19:41:02
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com
The Guild Wars 2 Karma weapon vendor pricing bug produced 1.46 million weapons! Wow. Read about the state of the Guild Wars 2 economy at
By Robert Basler on 2013-01-04 01:33:38
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com
Guild Wars 2 is at it again, with 200 perma-bans for crafting.

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