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All I Want for Christmas is a PC Game
By Robert Basler on 2012-12-24 14:02:52
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Getting my Christmas list ready this year was sort of disappointing. In years past, I would ask for all the hottest new PC games and I had a lot to look forward to on Christmas morning. This year there were few big releases, and I already had Mass Effect 3. The only 2012 game on my list this year? Guild Wars 2.

I like big, complicated, 100 hour story driven games. I love Command and Conquer (haven't played a good one of those in years), Mass Effect (although I can't get into the final chapter) Bioware or Bethesda RPG's. I love to explore the worlds of MMO's. I really miss the space shooter genre - Freespace was so much fun, and getting Wing Commander 4 for Christmas so many years ago was the highlight of the day.

I think the fragmentation of the games market is getting me down. I don't have an iPad, or a Android phone, or an iPhone (I often feel like I'm the only one) I don't use Facebook, so all the effort that has gone into development of games for those platforms is wasted on me. And frankly, one session of Angry Birds was really enough.

I'm also not much of a console gamer. I have a PS3, but playing games on the big screen often makes me nauseous, and the time that I might be able to use the TV to play games often has other demands on it. The Wii has a lot more games played on it - mostly by my daughter. The PSP has sat in a drawer other than one outing to a hockey game this year (I had to be at the game 2 hours early.)

I also think Valve and Apple have played a huge part in the destruction of the market for big, cool games. They've eroded the margins on games to the point where my limit for a AAA game on Steam is $10 (although granted I bought Guild Wars for $20 and Skyrim for $30 - my biggest purchases ever on Steam.) Looking at the latest Steam sale, there isn't anything I really want. I'd already bought most of the games I had even a small interest in during the fall sale for under $10 each.

I've bought more indie games than ever this year which is has been a great discovery process for me, but those aren't generally the games you want to see most under the Christmas tree.

What games are you looking for under the Christmas tree tomorrow?

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