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Avoiding Particle Sorting
By Robert Basler on 2014-12-21 11:46:14
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com

As I've added more and more particle effects to The Imperial Realm::Miranda I've started to see problems with drawing order. The most obvious problem is sometimes when the camera moves during explosions and the smoke alternates in front of and behind the flowers on the terrain. It's not so pretty. The large bulk of my particles are transparent (have cut out bits) but I have a few that are truly translucent (partially see-through bits) which really complicates things.

I spent most of Thursday afternoon researching particle sorting alternatives, there is Weighted, Blended Order-Independent Transparency (OIT) (and another) and one with some beautiful ascii drawings and last, the solution I adopted from

My particles are simulated on the GPU and rendered with a geometry shader so any sorting solution would need to be on the GPU. Particle sorting on the GPU is possible with a bitonic sort, but that's a challenging feature to implement. The real killer for that idea is that I have a number of different materials for my particles. If I'm going to the trouble to sort my particles, I want them all to be sorted, not just within individual particle systems. That means they all need to use the same über-material. Add to that that each particle system is currently managed as a separate vertex array (within one larger VBO) sorting would require some significant re-engineering.

Looking at that stackoverflow link that suggested avoiding the problem, I remembered reading something in the Unity documentation about manually specifying the render order of objects. Given that the most blatant problem is flowers rendering on top of explosion smoke, I ripped out the old "transparent" material pass flag (which only actually caused all transparent objects to be rendered last,) and put in a "renderorder" attribute. Now flowers render before smoke, and problem solved.

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