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Full Indie Demo Night 2
By Robert Basler on 2015-03-26 02:16:40
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com

I showed The Imperial Realm::Miranda at Full Indie again tonight. Just like last time it was great fun.

I got to The Pint at about ten after six to set up, found myself a table (actually the same table as last time) and started up the server. As always happens when you want to show someone what you're working on, something immediately went wrong -- the server wouldn't start. I knew it had to do with setting up the game to run standalone with no internet. Firing the game up under the debugger I was able to figure it out just in time for the 6:30 start. It looked kind of funny having 9 instances of Visual Studio running while I was demoing the game. The good news was that once I worked through that little problem, the game ran flawlessly all night.

[During one of my breaks, I took a quick snap of my table.]

Like last time, I talked pretty much continuously from 6:30 until 9:45 (I got just two five minute breaks.) Most people stayed 10 minutes or more and I was often speaking to several people at a time. There are some real serious strategy game fans out there.

I got really positive feedback about the look of the game, which is encouraging. There's still lots yet I want to add to the game, but spontaneous complements mean that the art is heading in the right direction and the game is at least part way to where it needs to be.

Huge thanks to my awesome waitress this evening for refilling my drink for me. Talking for 3 hours straight is difficult without lots of caffeine and fluids.

Several people asked me if Miranda would be available on Steam. I hope it will be, since their distribution is spectacular, but I suppose that really depends on Greenlight and Valve and how much trouble it is to integrate Steam Wallet.

Like last time, everyone was blown away by the scope of what I'm building. With my Bad Bug fixed, I could leave the game flying over the terrain while I talked. Seeing the huge world scroll by, or zooming out to show the whole map, really gets people excited about Miranda's possibilities.

I've mentioned before that Miranda's map domination metagame is based on the Qix arcade game, but a few people who came by didn't know what Qix was, so play it here or just check out this screenshot.

[Qix Arcade]

Wait, there was one new bug tonight! Dragging the mouse on the fullscreen map will crash the game. There is no substitute for user-testing.

I also talked to a lot of people about the difficulties and benefits of building your own game engine. Chris Hrica even stopped back to show me the voxel-based renderer he is working on which is awesome.

By far the best thing that happened tonight was when a woman working at The Pint came over for a demo. She's into multiplayer games.

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