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The Imperial Realm::Miranda Teaser Trailer
By Robert Basler on 2017-02-15 00:09:00
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com

I made a little teaser to announce Test Weekend #3 which will run from noon February 24 to midnight February 26 (Pacific time.) I need people to play the game, tell me what they like, tell me what they don't like (kindly please) and take part in discussions to decide what might make it better. If you want to play in the Test Weekend, sign up to the email list and I'll email you the link to collect a Secret Lair Code on Monday February 20th. I will also be asking players to complete a short survey. There will be a limited number of codes available.

The Imperial Realm::Miranda Teaser Trailer


The teaser is also on YouTube if you want to link to it.

By Kurt Ingleson on 2017-02-15 08:29:49
Homepage: email:kurt at pacomms dot co dot uk
You are just flat out teasing us now, i so wanna play again cant wait for test and release of this ;-)
By Robert Basler on 2017-02-16 00:51:11
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com
Well it is called a Teaser after all.
By Kurt Ingleson on 2017-02-17 14:33:36
Homepage: email:kurt at pacomms dot co dot uk
Do you have any plans for adding in ground troops ? just wondering i dunno if you ever played it but there was a game called end of nations that i played alpha in before it was cancelled, right before the end they added in troops and it opened a whole new area of the game up. Just wondered is all.
By Robert Basler on 2017-02-17 16:06:58
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com
The ATV's are the smallest unit in the game. Animating people is hard and I decided early on I wasn't going to do that.
By Kurt Ingleson on 2017-02-18 12:14:03
Homepage: email:kurt at pacomms dot co dot uk
Okies just wondered, atv's are cool anyways ;-)

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