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The Imperial Realm::Miranda Early Access
By Robert Basler on 2017-05-02 17:22:37
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com


There will also be a new gameplay trailer and all the details on the available packages.

If you think a huge open world multiplayer RTS sounds like something you'd like to play, I hope you will support The Imperial Realm::Miranda.

By Kurt on 2017-05-02 23:56:00
Homepage: email:kurt at pacomms dot co dot uk
Really excited to finally be able to play this game cant wait, are you doing your own release or is it through steam or some other platform ? O and good luck hope you get loads of players, i for sure will be one
By Luke Thorne on 2017-05-03 02:18:35
Homepage: email:lukeypukey36 at gmail dot com
Hey, although it has been a long time since i last said hi. Know that i still check back periodically :)
By Robert Basler on 2017-05-03 11:41:02
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com
Hey Kurt, the game will be sold by me through

Hi Luke!
By Kurt on 2017-05-03 13:24:26
Homepage: email:
Awesome and i presume that its available on May 9th ?
By Robert Basler on 2017-05-03 17:37:01
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com
Yes, Early Access will be on sale May 9th.
By Kurt on 2017-05-08 12:14:58
Homepage: email:
Still on sale tomorrow? looking forward to it.... C U Online ;-)
By Robert Basler on 2017-05-09 01:48:27
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com
Yes, the new server is up and running. Trailer is uploaded although apparently YouTube needs a few hours to reach acceptable video quality so I'm waiting for morning. All I have left to do is make the store pages and upload the keys. Should take an hour or so.
By Tony Johnson on 2017-05-09 07:22:03
Homepage: email:
I'll be excited to play when I get money on my card. shouldn't be long.
By Kurt on 2017-05-09 10:04:25
Homepage: email:
Awesome cant w8 you gonna post here when its done my wallet is burning a hole in my pocket lol

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