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So How's it Going?
By Robert Basler on 2017-06-21 17:52:43
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In a word, scope creep.

My plan of monthly updates during Early Access isn't working out so well with this first update I'm doing. I'm on week 4 of development on Nemesis Mode. The matchmaker is coded, the game session manager is coded, all the network messages to hook everything together are coded, and since late last week I've been working on adding new features to the HUD and the new UI screens to the client. Today I wired up the code to generate loot for the winners and upped the max players to 16. Even with all that done, I still have to finish the UI screens, get all of that debugged, add all the game modes, do some new graphics, and polish it all to a shine.

I originally intended to implement three or so game modes and then come back later and add more. That strategy hasn't really worked out super well before because half-finished features are nobody's favourite. So I'm planning to implement "all" of the game modes now (where "all" means the coolest subset of the modes mentioned previously and maybe some others.)

Miranda's map also needs some new features to support Nemesis mode. You may not have noticed, but frame rates with the map are not as good as they should be. Also, some cool things the map is supposed to do just don't happen because the map is currently software rendered and it doesn't have time to do them. So I'm going to convert the map to hardware rendering while I add the new features for Nemesis Mode.

The update after Nemesis Mode is looking to be similarly gigantic and will also require new things of the map, and I just don't see the current map rendering holding up under that added weight.

By Kurt Ingleson on 2017-08-04 13:27:26
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Any news on updates ? been a while ?

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