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Return of The Fallen Release Notes
By Robert Basler on 2017-12-21 15:07:24
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com

Miranda now has a PvE enemy, The Fallen, returned after being gone for nearly 40 generations.

PvE in The Blue Zone

The Empire and the Independents have forged a temporary truce. Within the Blue Zone, players cannot attack units owned by other players, but they will always need to be on guard against The Fallen. Miranda's new Blue Zone offers a pure PvE RTS experience. Players who have bases within the Blue Zone cannot participate in Nemesis matches.


Miranda's map now features three types of discoverables: Vendors, Points of Interest, and Monoliths. Once discovered, these items will stay on the map for easy reference. Vendors allow players to buy and sell extra inventory. Points of Interest are places players may find interesting. Monoliths are - interesting. In-game sensors have been improved to reveal interesting locations nearby players' bases on the map.

New Mission

"Find a Vendor" for new players to encourage them to locate a vendor.

Perks & Attributes

Due to a technical issue, all player-selected perks have been reset. Perk points have been refunded, so players just need to reselect their perks. There are several new Perks to choose: Fallen Monoliths, Tranquil Glyphs, Fuel-Air Explosives, Orbital Bombardment Satellite and Ore Purification.

Other Notable Changes

  • New forces will be given many more Attribute points to allocate than before. In addition to stat bonuses, Attribute points give a boost to the level of specific Perk categories. The minimum level requirement for earning XP in Perk Categories has been eliminated.
  • New Achievements: Stalwart Explorer, Bargain Shopper, Mono-Maniac. Sadly, the Build a Building achievement has been retired.
  • Unit weapon effects now support weapons with multiple barrels, Quadlasers!
  • Loading screens during fast camera movement via the map and keyboard controls have been eliminated or greatly reduced.
  • Vendors now have different prices and inventories, make sure to shop around for the best deals. Happily, the original four vendors in the north-west corner have retired after many years of dedicated service to Miranda's shoppers.
  • New Audio for loot crates, missiles, teleportation.
  • One of the most-asked-for feature requests for Miranda is new in this build: Saving of unit selection (Ctrl) groups.
  • With the new challenges present on Miranda, initial force inventories have been increased to reduce the chance of a dead force early in the game.
  • The disappearing UI bug has finally been reproduced and vanquished.
  • Some players noticed that powerplants, satellite tracking, and silos took effect as soon as they were built, before they were positioned. That problem has been eliminated.
  • Players will no longer lose their shroud progress in the event of a server crash.

Known Issues

Movement Desyncs - occasionally unit positions are going out of sync between client and server. Symptoms of the problem include: in-combat teleports, discoveries for items which are still invisible.

The problem that resulted in duplicate inventory accounts has been fixed. Any players with duplicate inventory accounts can get rid of the bonus accounts by selling components until only one account remains.

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