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Attributes in Miranda
By Robert Basler on 2019-05-16 12:12:30
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Attributes have been in Miranda for some time, but they reached their final form this month.

[Miranda's Attributes]

There are nine attributes in the game, and each attribute is assigned a value from 1 to 9. There are a total of 45 attribute points available right now. 9 are automatically assigned. Players are given 18 to assign when they start, and one is given each time the player levels up until they reach level 19 for a grand total of 45 attribute points. 9 bonus points will be available through rare consumables.

Miranda's attributes work like they do in RPG's where the attributes you choose directly affect many of the statistics of the units in the game. For example, increasing Constitution gives a bonus to unit health. Other attributes affect carrying weight, power generation, resource capacity and more.

[Miranda's Perks (still under construction)]

Attributes also give a bonus to the levels of the 21 Perk categories.

Once a player reaches level 10, they will receive a Refundable point. They will earn an additional Refundable point every 5 levels. A Refundable point can be used to reduce an attribute and assign the point to another attribute. There is no level cap so players can slowly change their build as they play. Because attributes affect perk levels, refunding an attribute can result in the refunding of previously selected Perks.

The Luck attribute is a little different from the other attributes in that it primarily affects loot and anything where the RNG (random number generator) is involved.

Making attributes affect unit statistics produced a spectacular number of bugs. ASSERTS showed up a lot of the initial bugs, but I had to QA the entire game, carefully comparing calculated values to what they should be.

One side effect of attributes affecting unit stats is that it blurs the lines between loot tiers. Where a component is suboptimal for one player, for another player their attribute bonuses may make that component better than components in the next tier of unit components, so be cautious judging loot solely by its color.

Another effect is that unit designs that are valid for some players may not be valid for others.

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