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HUD and Minimap Upgrades
By Robert Basler on 2019-10-16 18:23:06
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com

I made a video to demo the upgrades I've made to Miranda's HUD (Heads Up Display) and map. I really liked the old hud with it's blue and white color scheme, but apparently not everyone agreed with me because I got feedback that the HUD was too web browsery. This makes a certain amount of sense given that Miranda's UI is actually the Chrome web browser. I turned the Fallen off so I wouldn't get attacked during the demo.

[There's no mouse cursor in the video, that's a new bug in GeForce Experience. It shows fine when you play.]

The new HUD came about because early last week I discovered that Miranda's UI was encoded with "pre-multiplied alpha." I'd never learned what that was, but it turns out it allowed me to finally add support for translucency for all the buttons and panels in the UI, a feature I had wanted for years. While I was working on the HUD, I decided to make some minor improvements.

All the menu and UI buttons got upgraded art and are now dark themed. I did some rendering upgrades on the minimap as well as making it round, and it displays static if your base doesn't have sufficient power or if the player doesn't have a radar station.

Both the minimap and the build panel can now be hidden like the chat and mission list panels for a maximal view of Miranda. The build panel's power meter is much cuter, and the unit count and unit cap are now displayed on the top right of the build panel. The Kills Today stat has been retired.

Once I had the HUD all working, I realized that I had forgotten about the base layout HUD, so that got an upgrade too.

Weird Fact: Miranda's client has a complete commercial grade web server built in solely so that it can talk to the Chrome UI.

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