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The One Man MMO Project
The story of a lone developer's quest to build an online world :: MMO programming, design, and industry commentary
First Decade Celebration Week
By Robert Basler on 2019-11-04 17:03:58
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com

This coming Saturday I will have been working on Miranda for a decade. I know, super-weird.

November 9th 2009 was a cold rainy Monday and my amazingly exciting first day working on a project I had been thinking about for five years.

My best friend and I used to play co-op Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 every Thursday evening until the wee hours. I had a couple of networked computers with old 19 inch CRT's in my office we'd play on. We'd each take an RA2 disk (the game came with 2 play disks) stick them in and team up to have at the AI. Those evenings were so fun! Our wives got to know each other pretty well during that period. Eventually my friend and his family moved away, putting an end to our Thursday evening play sessions. So when World of Warcraft came out in November 2004 I knew I wanted a bigger Command and Conquer I could play with my out-of-town friends. Working at EA I always kept my eye out for anyone making such a game, but it just never happened. In 2009 I was given the opportunity to pursue that dream myself, and I took it.

So on that Monday I was busily putting together from the bones of the CMS I wrote for MMORTS.COM and I needed a logo. I made a bunch of alternatives (sadly I don't have anything that reads Corel Draw files anymore to show you the earlier iterations.) I thought it would be cool to put my silhouette in the logo, since it was just me making the game. I got my wife to take this photo.

[My first week on the job, you may recognize the pose from the logo above.]

One of my main reasons for deciding to leave EA was that my daughter was young at the time, and I'd only see her for a few minutes in the morning and she'd usually be in bed by the time I got home. She was fully on-board for the new job.

[Alternate take.]

On November 16, 2009 I launched the project and blog with a short post.

[The original site. I quite liked the orange.]

Miranda is available to play in Early Access now and is 20% off for a limited time.

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