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Aura Gamer Lights
By Robert Basler on 2021-02-01 22:30:22
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com

When I bought my Asus laptop I didn't know it had Aura gamer lighting. First time it lit up the desk I was surprised. But so far, none of the games I've played have taken advantage of these cool lights.

Trying to figure out how to program those lights was pretty challenging. The website for the Aura SDK is just a 404. You can find links to a version 2 binary SDK, but that only supports Win32. My games are x64 so that was a non-starter. After reading a lot of forum posts from frustrated people who had given up all hope of programming their Asus lights, I discovered the Aura 3.1 SDK Documentation. Reading over the documentation led me to discover that my laptop had both Win32 and x64 Aura .DLL's in the interestingly named folder /Program Files/ASUS/AuraSDK!!

Then I found the C++ Tutorial which has most of a working example and basically met my requirements. The Aura 3.1 SDK uses the COM API which is nice because it doesn't add any dependencies to your game.

To get the API headers, you just need to add the #import line and compile, and Visual Studio will build AuraSdk_x86.tlh and AuraSdk_x86.tli for you. The immediate problem then was what to do about building the game on systems without the Aura SDK. It turns out that once the headers are built you can include them into your project and remove the #import line. Without the #import line, the game will build on any system.

One problem I found is that if the PC sleeps while the game is running, Aura turns itself off and I could find no way to get it to come back on.

To make things easier for others, here's a class that supports Aura lights. Create an instance of the class, then call SetColor to set all the Aura lights on your PC to the desired color.

aura.cpp aura.h AuraSdk_x86.tlh AuraSdk_x86.tli

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