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Skyscale is the Worst Content in Guild Wars 2
By Robert Basler on 2021-05-11 20:57:53
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What a miserable thing. For six months (I started November 11) getting a Skyscale ground out all the fun I normally have playing Guild Wars 2. Don't get me wrong, I love Guild Wars 2, I've played it thousands of hours. Guild Wars 2 has a phenomenal collection of fun and varied activities to entertain and amuse. But the Skyscale Collection is just terrible game design. Don't make your game like this.


People compare getting a Skyscale to crafting a Legendary weapon. I have crafted a legendary weapon - Meteorlogicus. I did all the steps myself, I collected all the things and it took me about a year on-and-off to do it. It was time consuming. It was at times, difficult. But the difference is that to get all the things I needed, I had fun doing all the great activities that Guild Wars 2 has to offer. I admit I did not enjoy having to do PvP for a week, but that was only one step out of many.

The Skyscale though is just interminable grindy boredom. This is what you have to do to earn a Skyscale:

Skyscale Scales: Go to 28 places, click a thing.
Skyscale Medicine: Do 30 events on Dragonfall.
Skyscale Fever: Go to 14 places, click a thing.
Skyscale Eggs: Go to 21 places, click a thing.
Saving Skyscales: Do 55 minor activities.
Skyscale Care: Feed 12 expensive things to your Skyscale.
Skyscale Treats: Grind 14 monsters until they drop a thing.
Skyscale Toys: Do 4 events to unlock 4 vendors to buy an expensive thing.
Skyscale Lost: Fun, but not the way they meant: Go to 21 hard to reach places, click a thing.
Skyscale Stealth: Actually fun: Play hide and seek with your Skyscale 3 times.
Skyscale Reflexes: Actually fun: Play ball with your Skyscale 3 times.
Skyscale Saddle: Grind 250 currency from each of 7 maps, spend 35G, 1500 Volatile Magic. This was unbearable.
Skyscale Flight: Fly a short distance 28 times.

That looks pretty bad on the face of it. The numbers on all those boring activities are large. The real killer though is Skyscale Saddle. You need 250 of each of seven map currencies. You can spend a couple hours doing hearts on those maps for 10-25 of each currency a day. You get a few more from doing map completion - I completed all seven maps. A couple maps allow you to collect the currency from resource nodes. But that is hours a day grinding events over and over for weeks to get all that money. I did two maps worth before giving up in frustration. After that I spent about a month logging in each day next to a vendor, buying 5 of each currency and logging out. Occasionally I'd go and do the easy volatile magic collection in Thunderhead Peaks to top up my balance, but that was how I spent a whole month of the Skyscale Collection.

I really enjoyed the Skyscale Stealth and Skyscale Reflexes minigames. They were new experiences and they were genuinely fun. If more of the Skyscale Collection had been like that it would have been a much better experience. Skyscale Lost was also occasionally fun, mostly because I sort of suck at jumping puzzles and I enjoy finding a clever cheat on YouTube.

But everything else... If they cut out most of the boring click a thing requirements, and cut the currency requirements by 80% it could have been ok.

So how is the Skyscale now that I have it? Well, as someone who doesn't have a Griffin, I thought it would be super-fun. It turns out it flies OK, a little better than the glider, but it loses altitude really easy and it can't climb very far which sort of defeats the whole point of a flying mount. I doubt I'll use it much.

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