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No Love from me for KB2635973
By Robert Basler on 2012-02-03 12:26:37
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com

The last couple days I've been having Visual Studio 2010 crashes every few minutes. I'd be typing, or changing files, and WHAM Visual Studio has encountered a problem and is restarting. Automated file recovery helped a bit, but I kept losing 15 or 20 minute chunks of work.

I had tried deleting and rebuilding all of Visual Studio's temporary files, as well as the temporary files from Visual Assist X which is the only plugin I'm using (and it is super awesome by the way - if you don't have it you owe it to yourself to get it!) Still kept crashing.

Getting a little desperate, I took a look through recent changes from Windows Update and noticed that an important hotfix had been installed January 25 Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 (KB2635973). Hmm, a suspect.

Googled about, couldn't find anyone saying they had trouble with it. But having read the info on it, it didn't seem like it would be a problem for me so I uninstalled it.

Not one single Visual Studio crash so far today.

By Robert Basler on 2012-02-03 15:54:19
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com
Damn, still crashing.
By Robert Basler on 2012-02-14 01:18:12
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com
Gah, Windows update reinstalled the update which explains it starting to crash over and over again. I uninstalled it again and no crashes for 2 days. Turns out you can hide an update in Windows update by right clicking on it and Windows will stop reinstalling it.
By Robert Basler on 2013-04-25 15:59:25
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com
Wow, last night I removed the latest Visual Studio Update KB2813041 because Visual Studio was crashing constantly. Been crash free for a day now.

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